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Backlink Building Strategies & Tips

By Matt Colletta | Last updated on September 21, 2023

Can you relate to the struggle of improving your website’s search engine ranking all too well? You’re certainly not alone. My journey through the twists and turns of SEO revealed that backlinks can truly transform your online visibility. This article will unwrap some powerful strategies for building backlinks – from effective outreach programs, clever uses…

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local seo

Local SEO Best Practices: Boosting Your Local Business Online

By Matt Colletta | Last updated on September 13, 2023

Local SEO is the cornerstone for businesses aiming to capture a regional audience. In today’s digital age, consumers frequently turn to search engines to find nearby services and products. Local SEO ensures that your business stands out in these searches, connecting you directly with potential customers in your vicinity. By optimizing for local search, businesses…

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The Basics of Search Engine Optimization (Beginner Friendly)

By Matt Colletta | Last updated on September 11, 2023

If you’ve ever wondered how to get your website to show up in search engine results, you’re about to embark on an exciting journey. This article is all about the basics of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it’s commonly known. SEO is a crucial tool in the digital world, helping your website become more…

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SEO Ranking Factors

What are SEO Ranking Factors?

By Matt Colletta | Last updated on September 9, 2023

1. A Secure and Accessible Website A website’s SEO ranking is affected by how secure and easy to use it is. This is because search engines like Google use a website’s security and ease of use to judge how credible and trustworthy it is. A website that uses HTTPS encryption to send data securely and…

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What is a Backlink and How Do You Get More?

By Matt Colletta | Last updated on September 7, 2023

Backlinks are an important part of search engine optimization (SEO) because they help search engines understand the relationship between different websites and the content they contain. When a website includes a backlink to your site, it is essentially vouching for your site and the content it contains. This can have a significant impact on your…

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What is SEO and Why is it Important?

By Matt Colletta | Last updated on July 13, 2023

If you’ve ever wondered what the big deal about SEO is, you’re in the right place. In this article, I’m going to break down the basics of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, in a way that’s easy to understand, even if you’re a total beginner. We’ll chat about why SEO is super important for anyone…

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Which SEO Techniques Should be Avoided? (20 Tips)

By Matt Colletta | Last updated on June 27, 2023

SEO has always been a popular and valuable practice for any business. Businesses want to use SEO to ensure their site is found and ranked well in Google – and also that it brings in new customers. However, the search engine algorithm has changed dramatically in recent years, rendering many old tactics obsolete. Nonetheless, Google…

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What Are The Top 10 Benefits Of SEO?

By Matt Colletta | Last updated on June 22, 2023

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving the ranking of a website on search engines like Google. There are numerous benefits to implementing an SEO ranking strategy for your business. Some of the top benefits include: increased visibility for your brand, improved user experience, and the ability to generate high-quality leads. 1.…

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SEO Strategy for Shopify – Get Tips Here

By Matt Colletta | Last updated on January 28, 2023

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical aspect of any online store’s success, and it’s especially important for those using the popular e-commerce platform Shopify. By optimizing your store for search engines, you can increase your visibility, drive more traffic to your site, and ultimately improve your sales. In this article, we’ll explore the key…

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Is Content Marketing Effective?

By Matt Colletta | Last updated on January 28, 2023

Companies that have a content marketing strategy in place will experience higher growth, with an average increase of 30%. Additionally, these companies tend to have a better customer retention rate, ranging from 5 to 10% higher compared to those without a content strategy. Why is Content Marketing Important? Content marketing is a crucial aspect of…

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